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Community Payback Visibility

What problem are you trying to address? :
How to raise awareness of, and participation in, Community Payback projects

How will your idea work? : Members of the public will take geotagged photos using a smatphone of local "grotspots" or Community or Public areas in need of repair or renovation. The photograph, along with a brief explanation, will be submitted by the App to the relevant Probation Trust. Trusts would then decide on the suitability of the proposed site, and give feedback via the App. If suitable, further photos would be taken during and after work, so that the public could see the improvement and the benefits to the community - shown on a map via the App.

How will it provide a solution to the Challenge? : It would encourage public participation in the selection of sites for local Community Payback and raise awareness of the unpaid work undertaken by offenders each day in local communities.

What is the stage of development? What help and investment you need to build it?: In Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust alone, over 500,000 hours of Community Payback are completed each year. The help would be required to develop and distribute the App.

How will you use Ordnance Survey data in your solution? : The App would display photos and other information overlaid on Open OS data. Tags on maps would open relevant files.

Members of the public will nominate locations for Community Payback work and track their progress using a smartphone App

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