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Apple iPhone Feedback

The IdeaScale iPhone feedback widgets allows IdeaScale clients to gather mass opinion, feedback, and input with just one line of code. This allows businesses to seamlessly listen to their customers without interrupting the user experience. The app allows users to view the feed of currently submitted feedback and quickly vote or comment on their favorites. The best items bubble up to the top. If the app user's feedback isn't in the list, they can quickly add a new idea - keeping the flow of new ideas fresh. In this way, the entire application experience is housed in one tiny widget package that never asks users to leave the digital, mobile environment.

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Zsombor Szabó, We use email, Twitter, and GetSatisfaction. The IdeaScale iPhone widget turned out to be a hit as we received much more user feedback than before.

Zsombor Szabó,
CEO IZE Ltd. (OpenMaps)