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Learning what your customers want can be a key business challenge. It can decide if a business succeeds or fails, because if a company's offering doesn't align to its customer's needs, it is unlikely that it can survive in a consumer-driven society. A feedback forum can be used to find out what customers think - before you thought to ask them. IdeaScale gives businesses a turn-key feedback forum solution that can be operational with a few mouse strokes, is simple to operate, and something that a company can manageably integrate within a website in no time. The best part is that this forum can be used to collect crowdsourced feedback so any of your customers can expand on the existing ideas and ideas of their own. Make your products great with IdeaScale!

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Karl Ulrich, IdeaScale has proven a simple, reliable platform for innovation tournaments in project-based courses, for supporting our alumni community, and to engage colleagues in administrative projects.

Karl Ulrich,
Vice Dean of Innovation The Wharton School

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