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Companies can smooth the road to market by improving process definition, workflow, project team structure, and related device development practices using idea management software. The path to successful product development for companies is replete with roadblocks. Many of these companies recognize the need to re-evaluate their current processes and implement a development approach that meets the requirements for both design control and a fast flow of successful new ideas. Yet more than half of the firms interviewed in a recent study conducted admitted they were falling short of their new product development (NPD) success goals. Idea management software by IdeaScale can help smooth this idea management process by collecting feedback from your customers directly.

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-Ethan Galstad IdeaScale provides a powerful platform for inspiring and facilitating innovation. IdeaScale rocks.

-Ethan Galstad
President, Nagios Enterprises

Community-based innovation management software. Empowering customers, employees and management, one community at a time.